A unique way to

The Main Advantage of this application is, it will completely eliminate Use of Paper Printed flyer/leaf late/ Brochures which help to save Trees and our Environment.

My job was to design presentation for this application, a website and color combination for application design. Because they have already made it. There are 3 main stages in this application is past, present and upcoming, I have designed handmade artwork for each stage.

Turning waste into digital

This is shocking fact that 70% of brochures are thrown away before the visitors have left the Hall. Considering the cost of design and full-color printing, not to mention the agonizing over copy and content, it is not surprising that exhibitors attach a higher value to them, then visitor.

As we all know that paper printed brochure is harmful to our Environment and all over the world peoples are educating and encouraging to plant more trees to save earth.


I gave priority to waste

When I started to design a logo, the first thought comes across in my mind was a waste. How can we reduce the use of paper and turn interested in digitalization? My designs try to show the use of the digital platform in a creative way.

Running exhibitions

Upcoming exhibitions

In India, mostly any brand, promote their products or upcoming events by roadside hoardings. That's what I tried to show here for an upcoming event.

Information about past exhibitions

Exhibition organizers, dispose tons of discarded brochures, after the show, mainly from exhibitors who had brought too many and don’t want to carry them back to their office.

Expo List

User can see a list of all exhibitors who are participating, their store location, contact information etc.

Expo info

It's easy to get all the information about each exhibition at one place.

It's a user-friendly website

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