Connection is a Digital Agency who take steps to connect to the world by building good relations providing innovative services. They are professional designers and developers who deliver design solutions, marketing strategies like other agencies do.

It is my habit to go to the depth

Their proposal was simple: connect with the world using their technical expertise. And what I figured out was we are all connected to the earth. But what is earth and how was the earth created? After studying from 2 different resources, The Big Bang Theory and Shiv Maha Puran, I got my answer.

Connexion Logo
Logo Concept

Draw attention to their broad connection

My job was to bring clients' attention not only to the portfolio but also to their connection to global regions in a unique and simple way.

Place relevant information at one place

What if you get all the information at one place. Quite nice, right! On portfolio page, I tried to show necessary information like project summary, clients' feedback and their collaborative activities during their projects.

My work is particularly vibrant and expressive

Connexion branding