Invest for your future

An Australian based company designed an app for the easiest way to invest your money with them and save for your retirement. Every purchase you make can become an investment with roundups.

Delight in melon way

This was the first requirement from the client is, to design a whole app based on a watermelon color theme. And I did it precisely.


Real time validation while filling form

While user log in, get all the validation in real time. It's the easiest and time consuming way to start an application without hesitance.


An alliance with your assets

Easiest way to link your bank accounts at once. User can get instant updates after each transaction through any bank accounts.


Ease & Access

Digital direct deposit, mobile check deposit and check sending, free bank-to-bank transfers, all you get at one place.

Invest your spare

The only micro-investing account that allows you to invest spare change. Set up in under 5 minutes and automatically add money to your diversified accounts.