Rebel is born as a non-traditional organization. They thrive to bring change in the world of Digital Solutions by bringing new ways and systems of work, with colorful vision and vivid perspectives.

I was hired or would say gotten a title as an art director in this organization. It was one of my role to design a website, after hearing all the members of this organization, coordinate with content writer, I presented my logo and website design with rousing contents.

Enactment way of business

The first thing I have got in my mind while designing a logo for them, a rebellion's way is different than others, but once their verdict on something, they do it in any way, it's like a commitment.

  • Attitude

  • Lifestyle

  • The way of Thinking

  • Satisfaction

Showing in a spectacular way

Designed an impactful animation to show their work in different ways.

It's more like storytelling

I always wanted to come up with a different approach, while designing about page for them, I have chosen my unique way.

Everything is coming to you

Every images are picked up while the user click on the link, they don't feel they jump to another page, pages are smoothly changes accordingly.

My first interior design project I have done for them

I have never done any interior design project in my life, hence I am not a professional interior designer, but I always wanted to take part of every design field. There was another reason they hired me to design an interior for them. After gathering all the requirements and research, I designed Eco friendly and open environment design studio where I used to work.